jake | 18 | mlm + ace

dni / byf



    basic dni criteria, mcyt accounts (lenient on this unless you're a dream stan in which case you will be hardblocked), anti any of my faves especially radiohead, if you're going to unfollow me because i spammed, if you frequently engage in discourse and put it on the tl, systwt edtwt and shtwt. i would also prefer if priv accounts don't follow me unless i know you on main because people have been pqrting me.

    anyone fitting this list who interacts with me will be hardblocked unless i followed you first.

    i tweet in three languages, mostly english, but occasionally french and japanese. I TALK ABOUT RADIOHEAD AND THOM YORKE A LOT. i spam and livetweet VERY OFTEN. im autistic so im awkward sometimes. anyone can reply to my tweets, interact or dm me or whatever idc (as long as you aren't in my dni). PLEASE do not pqrt me.
    special interests ☁
    radiohead, seals, music, radio stations + airchecks, 90s and 2000s media
    music 💿
    radiohead, thom yorke, r.e.m., japan, david sylvian, mick karn, dalis car, peter murphy, gary numan, deftones, stone temple pilots, alice in chains, my chemical romance, fall out boy, animal collective, the smile
    interests 💟
    breaking bad, stranger things, grey's anatomy, mgs, tf2, half life, disco elysium, ff7, resident evil, lupin the third, diamond no ace, touhou, serial experiments lain, nichijou, kagepro, vocaloid